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About Strictly Business

If you wish to apply, please go to the link at the upper left part of this page "Apply to Guild".

Current Progression
ICC10: 12/12 + 11/12 HM
ICC25: 12/12 + 9/12 HM

Loot System
Loot Council w/ attendance factored in.  Show up more = you get more loot.

Raid Days
Tuesday, Sunday, Monday 4:30pm-8:30pm (server time, PST)

About Us
We were formed in late April of 2010 as just a simple 10man guild of friends, trying to venture well into heroic 10man content.  As we realized that we had the potential to be a 25man guild and be the best on the server, we expanded and became <Strictly Business>.  Ever since then, we've been working on getting players capable of clearing ICC25.  After only 2 nights of raiding as a guild, we were 11/12 normal.  After 2 more raiding nights spend on LK, he was dead as well.  And after just a few more weeks, here we are - only a few bosses left and we've cleared all of the heroic content WotLK has to offer.

We are still recruiting all classes.  We are ALWAYS looking for players that can outperform our current raiders.  If you think you can do this, feel free to apply.  Remember that your application is your first impression: type correctly and answer questions thoroughly.  We have competent players so recruitment is strict - don't expect to get into this guild without ICC25 experience and the ability to pull 11k dps or more.

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